Mariela Shaker – Speaker

Mariela Shaker is an accomplished Syrian violinist and award-winning refugees advocate who survived the war in Syria and the University of Aleppo attack in January 2013.  She fled to the US to study music at Monmouth College with a full-tuition scholarship. To be able to secure this opportunity, Mariela, without electricity or water and under constant bomb and mortar attacks would hide away in internet cafes to apply to schools and programs throughout the world.

She graduated from The University of Aleppo in 2013, where she studied Business Administration. During her study at the university, she was the youngest violin teacher at the Arabic Institute of Music. Mariela risked death every day, commuting between her home and the Institute to create beauty through her violin and inspire children to pursue their dreams.

Aleppo was besieged in July 2013 at the same time that Mariela managed to leave Syria to go to her new school in America. Her only options were either facing ominous destiny in Aleppo or taking a very dangerous bus ride from Aleppo to Beirut on an unused sandy road.  She chose the later. The trip lasted for 17 hours. The driver got lost several times in the demolished buildings. She passed 50 checkpoints of soldiers whom many of them thought her violin case was a gun and demanded her an extra security inspection. A couple of days after her arrival to the US, some of her friends were killed trying to take the same route.

Being in USA since 2013 and unable to return back home, Mariela was granted asylum (refugee status) in the United States, where she feels safe, but lives in constant fear for her family and friends who are surviving with the basic necessities of life in Aleppo, wondering if they will be alive tomorrow and if she will be reunited with them one day. More than another though a fascinating story of a refugee, Mariela, stands for drive and determination. And it didn’t take long for this inspirational young woman together with her talent for music to make it to the flashlights and interest of the public and the politicians.

Mariela was named a “Champion of Change” by President Barack Obama in 2015 and was appointed UNHCR High Profile Supporter in 2015. Since then she received many awards such as Anne Frank Honorary in 2018 and Points of Light Award in 2017. She spoke at over than 70 prestigious venues across the globe such as The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center, MIT, Harvard, The Brooking Institute, Pentagon Conference, United Nations (Geneva and NYC), Arab American Institute, Georgetown University, George Washington University, Aspen Ideas Festival, Points of Light, International Rescue Committee, UNHCR, CARE, World Relief, The Justice Conference, Global Citizen, Chicago Council on Global Affairs, King’s College Chapel (Cambridge), The Barbican Center (London), Beyond Boarder International Festival  (Scotland), Hong Kong, Netherlands, UAE and many others. See the full list of speaking here (‘’Mariela Shaker CV’’)

With her story of survival, other like millions of refugees, Mariela stands for the motivation and empowering of young women. Especially Arabic women! With her music and her voice, Mariela is bringing awareness to young girls all over the world, showing them that everything is possible!

Her courageous story has been profiled by the Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Buzz Feed, Woman’s Day and many others. Mariela is using her music to build bridges and promote peace and raise awareness for the plights of the Syrian people. What is remarkable about Mariela is that as a refugee, not only her music is heard, but her voice for refugees in need! Though her own family has no electricity and many times she is unable to have contact, she perseveres for this noble cause.

See the full list of her speaking (Mariela Shaker CV)

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