Awards & Recognition

Ann Frank Promisekeeper Award (2018).

UNHCR High Profile Supporter (2017).

Women in Conflict Peace Fellowship, Scotland (2016).

Points of Light Ambassador (2016).

Creative Santa Fe Inaugural Award (2016).

Champion of Change for World Refugee Day, The White House (2015).

World Council of Arameans Peace Ambassador (2015).

Peterson Award in Music Performance, Monmouth College (2015).

Colleges Against Cancer Talent Showcase, 2nd place, Monmouth College (2015).

A full Tuition Scholarship for the Master of Music Performance, DePaul University (2015).

A full Academic Scholarship, Monmouth College (2013).

Mariela Shaker, a 2015 graduate of Monmouth College, has been named a “Champion of Change” by President Barack Obama. On June 25, she was honored at a reception and participate in a panel at the White House in connection with World Refugee Day, which was commemorated on June 20.

”Mariela Shaker is singular. A virtuoso, as some have called her. When she takes the stage at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, all eyes will be on her. She Fled Syria And Found Refuge On The Stage.” BuzzFeed

”Austin Hall rings with the sound of her violin. This program will show her remarkable talent and musicianship.” Carolyn Suda for Monmouth College.

Mariela will continue to be an inspiration to all of our students and faculty after she leaves for the next stage in her musical career,” Carolyn Suda for Monmouth College.

‘’One of 18 Syrian students on Monmouth’s campus during the past academic year, Shaker is an extraordinary example of that goal.’’ Monmouth College

“Mariela’s life is a powerful story of the triumph of dignity over despair, of hope over hatred, and of compassion over conflict. Her commitment to use her talent as a musician and the grace of her character to heal the wounds of war and oppression, to ‘think anew and act anew’ in the face of this crisis, does honor to the highest values of Monmouth College, and we are deeply proud of her.” President Clarence Wyatt of Monmouth College

“Her musical talent is exceptional, but her unshakable faith that good resides in us all is truly extraordinary. A woman of profound character and courage, Mariela reminds us that the humanity that unites us should outweigh all that seeks to divide us’’. President Clarence Wyatt of Monmouth College.